Billo the clown and friends

Billo the Clown

Billo has been one of Melbourne’s favourite party entertainers for over 14 years. His shows have a wide age appeal from 2-8 year olds, with the big emphasis on very silly fun. As parents well know, children are very individual and will participate in new experiences at their own pace. Billo’s Party Show addresses this with a gentle entrance, where Billo appears in the venue with a flurry of bubbles for the children to chase and catch, creating a fun and magic game. With the advantage of so many years experience, Billo’s show is very refined and structured, whilst giving the illusion of bumbling mayhem, the children delight in seeing an adult in oversized clothes struggle to understand why a bicycle horn makes a noise or have trouble pronouncing abra-kadaca, cadawacka, boom-shalaka…magic words. !
Billo’s Party Show has magic tricks, juggling with audience participation, games with prizes, live sing-a-long songs and balloon animals for everyone to take home. Billo the Clown is a hit at all sorts of functions and celebrations, birthday parties, community events, fetes and festivals, christenings and religious ceremonies, store
openings and more. So if you need professional, reliable entertainment for your next event, ask for Billo the

Billo’s Big Top Show

Billo the Clown has his own circus that he loves taking to Primary Schools, Festivals and family venues. The show has been in production since 2003 and is highly interactive with the children performing all the elements onstage under Billoʼs watchful eye. Kids get to ride imaginary horses & magic tricks, be strong people,acrobats, clowns, jugglers, tight rope walkers, even be wild animals. The show has a lively soundtrack with a colorful set, and lots of fun props and costumes Billoʼs Big Top Show runs around 65 minutes and is suitable for Primary school children aged from Prep to year 6 and is also great for school holiday shows.

Jesters and Jousters Show

Tales of Jesters & Jousters

Have history come to life right in front of your eyes. Join Jake the Jester on his magical journey of discovery, reliving the famous tales of King Arthur, with the children acting out the characters in the stories, live on stage. There’s loads of fun to be had with a medieval jousting tournament, glimpses into a medieval feast, entertainment by jesters and jugglers and a medieval dance for everyone to learn. So polish up your amour, fortify the castle , clean out the moat and BOOK NOW to get Tales of Jesters and Jousters to your school!
Suitable for Prep-6, Community Festivals and great for School Holiday

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