Charlie and friends

Charlie Silly Pants
Charlie Silly Pants is going on a holiday to Magic land, but will Mr Invisible be playing some tricks on him in the background? Come along for a mad cap adventure full of magic, games, laughter and total silliness. With surfing teddy bears, cheeky rabbits, invisible dogs

Disco Daddy

Come on a hilarious journey to Disco Mountain with Disco Daddy! Sing crazy karaoke, play disco charades, join in on crazy disco games and watch amazing magic tricks. From talking Cheese to floating Orangutans there’s no shortage of crazy surprises. Where do the groovers like this go? At the show with Daddy Disco!

Batboy Superhero show- Superheroes! Magic! loads of fun!

Batboy has come to eat cake and junk food, but not if “Mr Invisible” has anything to do with it! Come on a hilarious journey to Gotham City as Batboy reluctantly tries to catch the Invisible man, but can’t do it alone he needs lot’s of Superhero’s to help!

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