karaoke 4 kids

Karaoke 4 Kids

Let me introduce you to a new form of children’s entertainment, where the kids steal the show.

KARAOKE 4 KIDS unique format is designed for children to experience the fun and excitement of performing live. It caters for children of all ages, from Pre School to teenagers.

With hundreds of songs to choose from, there is a song for everyone. Littlies can sing their favorite nursery rhymes, footy songs or the bigger kids can sing one of their favourite current top 40 hits.

Being an interactive show the host will also join in the other kids with singing and dancing to songs such as -The Cha Cha slide ,Chicken dance, Nutbush through to the latest songs from Katy Perry, Top 40 hits and many more.

The show can run from 1.5  hours -3 hours (depending on the function) and can be adapted to fit in with your function’s needs. It ensures great entertainment value for kids and adults.

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