Petting Zoo Wild Animals

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How about experiencing wild animals in the heart of your own home or venue! Informative ‘action-packed’ presentation (family friendly/interactive/educational) Animals will include: koala, joey kangaroo , grey-headed flying fox bat, laughing kookaburra, behemoth python snakes, salt-water crocodile, kissable frogs, giant lizards, Eye-licking leaf-tailed geckos + more.

PETTING ZOO that comes to you

Handling of the animals which include a variety of cute and cuddly farm animals,Bunnies, guinea pigs, chooks, ducks, chicks,calves lambs, goat kids
and a cheeky pig!


The Animals of Oz ‘Animals Galore’ education programs incorporate a range of native animals, we are more than just reptiles. The animals we use includes pythons, lizards, frog, crocodile, bird, mammal and possums. The children will learn about the animals and their environment, and will get the opportunity to also interact with the animals.

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